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Hey there, I’m pumped that you came across my website!

My name is Tor Ryan, and I am the writer of Vegan Leaf! Vegan Leaf is a vegan food and recipe blog that aims to veganize your favorite recipes. I focus on creating delicious adaptations of vegan recipes while keeping them as healthy as possible and using as many whole foods as I can!

I grew up in Philadelphia and am currently living in Erie, Pennsylvania as a college student. Like most people I was raised eating a standard American diet. However, I was always interested in health and wellness, and after my freshman year in college I did some research and switched to a vegan diet for the animals, my health, and the planet! I started this blog to share some awesome recipes that I have grown to love and spread the vegan message!

All of the images, videos, and recipes on this site are original and created by me :). Enjoy!

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